Our Values

Supporting and Investing in Our Employees

Our employees are our investment in the future. They are the driving force that makes Nexus what it is today and define the potential of what it can be. So, investing heavily in our people is just basic common sense. We offer numerous perks and have multiple support systems to ensure our employees can work comfortably and without any outside interferences.

Well-Being Support

At Nexus, we care about our people and their well-being. To walk the talk, here is what we offer:

  • Medical Coverage

    We offer medical coverage to assist our employees when they’re down and blue.

  • Maternity Support

    We provide maternity support to our female employees, so they can lean on us when they need to be awesome elsewhere.

  • Mental Health Counselling

    We at Nexus conduct mental health counselling sessions to help strengthen the mental health of our employees.

Perks and Rewards

Nexus goes all-out in terms of perks and rewards. We want our people to feel like they belong and are cared for.

Competitive Salary

A good salary is a basic requirement any company offers. But, Nexus takes it a step further by providing market-competitive salaries to our people.

Bi-Annual Growth

We don’t want our employees to feel stagnated. Therefore, we offer bi-annual growth to appreciate the work they do.

Loyalty Fund

Our loyalty fund sets aside money each month, which our employees can claim after working with us for a year.

Performance Bonus

We believe no good work should ever go unacknowledged or unappreciated. It’s why Nexus offers exciting bonuses for exemplary work.

Flexible Work Hours

At Nexus, we understand each employee needs to work at their pace. Therefore, they get flexible working hours to accommodate their needs.

Employee Referral Bonus

If any of our employees refer a candidate who gets hired through our recruitment process, the referee can claim a bonus!

Learning and Development

We encourage and empower the Nexus family so that they can gain skills and become even better at what they do. Our dedicated learning and development department hosts assist them via:

  • Leadership Training

    Leadership training allows our existing team leads to maximize their efficiency and stay relevant in the field.

  • On-Job Skills Training

    We offer training to impart, polish, and hone job-specific skills and help employees grow.

  • Soft Skills Training

    We also care about the personal development of our teams. Our soft skills training sessions cover that front.

  • Group Discussion

    Learning can be fun when you’re doing it with the right people. Our group-based activities foster positive discussions.

Work-Life Balance

Work is not—and shouldn’t be—all that life’s about. To make sure our employees get a break to recharge and focus on themselves and their loved ones, we offer the following benefits:

Weekends Off

Nexus offers complete weekends off to its employees, so they can enjoy their Saturdays and Sundays as they wish!

Public Holidays

We observe all official public holidays and don’t expect, or request, our teams to work when they don’t need to.

Annual Leaves

Once their probation is over, employees are eligible for annual leaves they can use any time of the year.

Casual and Sick Leaves

We offer separate leaves for sick days and casual day-offs, so our employees can take time off when they most need to.

Maternity Leaves

We provide full support with maternity leaves to our employees, so they can recuperate and rest before joining back.

Paternity Leaves

We offer paternity leaves to ensure fathers get the time to be with and support their families.

Employee Experience

It’s the people who make a company, and a good workplace environment makes for a great employee experience. At Nexus, you also get the following: