Training & Development

Supporting and Investing in Our Employees

Just like a tree wouldn't be a tree without its roots, trunk, branches, and leaves, Nexus wouldn't be Nexus without the people driving company growth. So, it’s only common sense for us to support and invest in the company's prized assets.

Leadership Training

We need leaders who go out of their way to get a team to deliver their best. Only then can they help their recruits become the best versions of their professional selves. Additionally, we conduct leadership training to make sure the leaders of each department are equipped with the right tools to do the job well.

For instance, we zone in on the various types of leadership and how a manager can use each in the right situation. This helps them deal with problems better and enables them to lead their teams efficiently.

Soft Skills Training

Soft skills are the interpersonal talents that help an employee become a better team component, whether as a leader or a fellow worker. They include things like attention to detail, the ability to manage time effectively, solve problems, and adapt to any situation effortlessly.

At Nexus, we understand the importance of these skills. So, with our training sessions on the subject, the Nexus family learns and hones their skills in people interaction, personal management, observation, communication, and more.

On-Job Skill Training

Sure, we hire the best of the bunch during our recruitment drives, but we never leave it! At Nexus, we keep our skills sharp by developing new talents and honing old ones. Our on-the-job-training initiatives help employees—both new and old—benefit from industry knowledge and techniques. Moreover, we ensure they can be applied directly to daily tasks and projects when planning these lessons.

We conduct these training sessions in each department, so all employees are fully capable of fulfilling their specific niches.

Group Discussion and Activities

At Nexus, we have multiple departments – all of whom have a specific niche they work in. This allows us to create focused teams for various tasks. Besides offering that advantage, this way of working can lead to a myopic view. Without inter-team interaction, it's easy for team members to develop an "us vs them " mentality. Therefore, we conduct regular activities and group sessions to foster and ensure inter-department camaraderie.

These events allow our employees to keep in mind that all of us are working toward the same company goals.

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