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A workplace needs to be safe and secure for the employees to flourish in their careers. But unfortunately, external issues often pose a major threat to productivity and efficiency. Nexus aims to nip them all in the bud for unhindered access to the road to corporate success.


Counseling helps people identify traits keeping them from success and find ways to become better humans and team players. At Nexus, we focus on driving forward. So, if there are issues foiling employee performance, we offer counseling help as a remedy. We don’t believe in stigmatizing such issues and creating a negative space where employee growth might become stunted.

Our HR department takes care of counseling sessions and conducts them under strict confidentiality.

Stress Management

Sometimes, life can get too hectic for too long. When the effects of the pressure it exerts can trickle down into an employee’s work, we run an intervention. Every Nexus employee is part of our family, and we’re there for them when they need someone to listen and help manage stress. It’s also why we have set up Nexus Aitmaad, where people can share their troubles and work through their problems.

Protection from Harassment

Harassment is a major concern in corporate environments. Therefore, we decided it was crucial to place safeguards, allowing female employees to continue showing up to work without any external worries. At Nexus, we have a zero-bias policy and strict harassment rules so that the women in the Nexus family never feel unsafe. We also conduct training sessions to make people aware of casual sexism and other problematic behavior towards their coworkers.

Safe Work Environment

A safe work environment is essential for today’s employees, especially in the light of COVID-19. Therefore, we take steps to ensure our workplace maintains hygiene standards. That includes conducting regular fumigation to ensure cleanliness. We also cater to the COVID regulations by keeping the place sanitized, ensuring our employees wear masks, and maintaining social distancing.

At Nexus Corporation, you will get a healthy work environment, both physically and emotionally.

Data Protection

At Nexus, we are strict about what details and access we share with the employees to ensure client data stays protected at all costs. We never share such information or jeopardize its security in any manner. Additionally, we take strict measures against any employee who breaks this cardinal rule. At Nexus, we treat our clients with the same courtesy we show our employees, which includes keeping their data protected at all costs.


Personal security is a major concern for companies. We take it very seriously, just as we do all other employee issues. Our in-house employees commute every day to the office, so we make it our responsibility to provide them with safety while they’re on company premises.

We have trained security guards stationed outside the building and locked doors accessible through secret codes only available to employees to meet this goal.

Personal Data Protection

We give employee data protection the same priority as we do client data. This means every computer is installed with the latest firewall protection to guard against malicious users who may try to misuse personal information for their gain.

We also keep all our employee data under the strongest digital lock and key. Moreover, all our HR data, containing personally identifying information about employees, is also encrypted to prevent theft or misuse.

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